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Smith Tower DOF/OTR Rocks - Set of 2 (11 oz pair) | Timothy De Clue Collection

Smith Tower DOF/Rocks - Set of 2 (11 oz pair) | Timothy De Clue Collection

These glasses inspired by the architecture of the famous Smith Tower architecture, the Smith Tower is one of Seattle's most iconic buildings. During a trip to Seattle in 1909, Smith planned to build a 14-story building in Seattle. His son, Burns Lyman Smith, convinced him to build a much taller skyscraper instead, to steal the crown from rival city Tacoma's National Realty Building as the tallest building west of the Mississippi river. Construction began in 1911. When Seattle's pyramid-capped Smith Tower officially opened in 1914, its greatest claim to fame was its 462-foot height. It was originally one the tallest buildings in the country outside of New York City.

This stunning lead-free crystal collection features a bold pattern evocative of the Smith Tower's historic architecture. Our glass is lead-free and made in the USA. 

• Dishwasher safe - Hand Wash Recommended
• Glass Manufactured in Germany
• Design Cut and Polished in the USA
• 11oz
• H: 3 1/2“ 
• D: 3 1/4“

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