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Pewter Vegetable Motif Stoneware Serving Dish Pewter Vegetable Motif Stoneware Serving Dish
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Pewter Vegetable Motif Stoneware Serving Dish

The Vegetable Stoneware Dish from Timothy De Clue Collection imagines the bounty of a thriving garden in the exquisite form of our pewter. Collections of mushrooms and radishes create the piece's...
Fork & Shovel Salad Serving Set Fork & Shovel Salad Serving Set
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Fork & Shovel Salad Serving Set

Enjoy digging through your favorite salad with this Fork and Shovel Serving Set from Timothy De Clue Collection. Designed to delight, these garden tools are crafted in luxury grade-pewter and...
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Radish Dip Bowls

Our Radish Dip Bowls feature a slightly sloped, heavy glass bowl resting upon realistically detailed pewter radish 'feet', further embellished with sprightly radish tops Bowls are available in 2 sizes,...
Blueberry Creamer Set Blueberry Creamer Set
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Blueberry Creamer Set

Crafted in elegant stoneware with pure-pewter accents, the gorgeous Blueberry Creamer Set includes four classic pieces: creamer, serving tray, sugar bowl and sugar spoon.Blueberries embellish realistic branch handles on each side...
Apple Honey Pot Apple Honey Pot
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Apple Honey Pot

Perfect for picnics and outdoor dining, this Apple Honey Pot creates a beautiful accent in any setting. A clear, glass bowl serves as the base, while the piece's pure-pewter cap...
Blueberry Jam Jar with Spoon Blueberry Jam Jar with Spoon
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Blueberry Jam Jar with Spoon

Differentiate between your favorite flavors of jam with the gorgeous Blueberry Jar with Spoon. An elegant blueberry and leaf motif embellishes the cap, which covers a 12-ounce, glass bowl.Crafted in the...
Olive Stoneware Tray Olive Stoneware Tray
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Olive Stoneware Tray

The luminous Olive Stoneware Tray is finished with beautifully detailed cast pewter handles depicting olives, branches and leaves.Olive trees are the most written about trees in western literature and it is...
Aluminum Metal Rustic Food Safe Olive Tidbit Tray Aluminum Metal Rustic Food Safe Olive Tidbit Tray
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Aluminum Metal Rustic Food Safe Olive Tidbit Tray

The Olive Tidbit Tray is a round coupe tray with interesting edges features a raised wreath design of olives on leafy branches. Inspired by olive groves of the Mediterranean coast,...
Olive Grove Glass and Pewter Dip Bowl Olive Grove Glass and Pewter Dip Bowl
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Olive Grove Glass and Pewter Dip Bowl

The Olive Grove Pewter Footed Dip Bowl features a clear, glass bowl with slightly rounded sides resting upon an exquisitely detailed, pewter olive wreath. Double clusters of olives form the...
Olive Grove Cheeseboard Olive Grove Cheeseboard
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Olive Grove Cheeseboard

The Olive Grove large round, pewter embellished cheese board is created from lustrous, water resistant oak wood. A simple, delicately detailed design of olives and leaves, inspired by ancient Greek...
Tribeca Cheese Set Tribeca Cheese Set
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Tribeca Cheese Set

The Tribeca Cheese Tool Set includes the 3 must have tools for any proper cheese service; a cheese knife, cheese cleaver and a cheese chisel. Perfect in the hand, ultra...
Tribeca Salad Servers Tribeca Salad Servers
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Tribeca Salad Servers

Take a walk on the wide side with the madly modern Tribeca Salad Server Set. The very stylized set sports wide, almost oval, stainless fork and spoon heads. Rounded teak handles...
Tribeca Wood Salad Bowl Tribeca Wood Salad Bowl
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Tribeca Wood Salad Bowl

The trendy Tribeca Wood Salad Bowl will help you serve your next salad in Mid-Century Modern inspired style. This impressive wooden bowl with pewter accents adds a refined touch to your table.Sleek and...
Tribeca Tidbit Tray Tribeca Tidbit Tray
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Tribeca Tidbit Tray

The trendy Tribeca Tidbit Tray holds a sane amount of treats in Mid-Century Modern inspired style. The base bowl is crafted from hard working Teak, a sleek pewter and teak...
Tribeca Dip Bowl Tribeca Dip Bowl

Tribeca Dip Bowl

The Tribeca Dip Bowl from Timothy De Clue Collection has a mid-century modern sensibility. This covered pewter dip bowl is the perfect accent for an evening of wine and cheese. Sleek...
Tribeca Bottle Opener Tribeca Bottle Opener

Tribeca Bottle Opener

The Tribeca Bottle Opener from Timothy De Clue Collection has a mid-century modern sensibility. The stainless opener head is finished with Teak Handles and Pewter Cap. Perfect in the hand,...

Serve in style with Timothy De Clue Collection’s best serveware. Few things bring us together as a great meal does, and the presentation is just as important as the dishes you prepare. Dress up your table with dinnerware and serveware sets that will make a lasting impression. 

Featuring serveware sets, serveware utensils, serving bowls, and platters, our comprehensive serveware collection has you covered. We have the right accent serveware for every style, from sleek modern designs to ornate serveware sets with imaginatively crafted details. Bowls for salad, serving set dishes, pitchers, pizza boards, wooden serving bowls, cake stands, and more.


Beauty doesn’t have to mean impracticality, and we have assorted a unique serve ware collection that is durable as well as charming to look at. Attention to detail and excellence in craftsmanship can be seen in every facet of our serveware. These hand-selected serving set dishes and utensils are dependably crafted luxury materials and stand the test of wear and time. 

Stand Out Serveware

At Timothy De Clue Collection, we believe style should factor into even the most utilitarian parts of your home. Why compromise on beauty when selecting serving dishes and utensils? Shop our best online serveware collection for distinctive serving pieces that double as a visual style statement that intrigues amazes and delights. Ornate pewter serveware such as our Octopus Kraken Stand with Glass Bowl will amaze your guests. Serve beverages in our Pewter Lobster Ice Tub - Punchbowl at your next gathering, and watch your guests’ jaws drop. 

Classic Serveware 

There is something to be said for a classic table dressing, and our serveware collection includes timeless serving pieces with long-lasting appeal. Immaculately pewter serve ware by MATCH is a stunning addition to any tablescape. These Italian hand-crafted luxury pewter platters, bowls, and serving dishes exemplify timeless elegance.

Nautical Blue and White

Make your Dinnerware and Serveware a set with complimentary serve ware pieces that match your tablescape. Our best selling Blue Lucy Octopus artwork wraps her tentacles around creamy porcelain on a large oval serving platters, pasta bowls, and more. 

Shop Timothy De Clue Collection's best online Serveware and discover the perfect Serveware to match your Barware, Dinnerware, and Table Linens. 

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