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Table Linens

Table Linens

Create the Perfect Tablescape with Table Linens

Create the perfect table with our exclusive linens from Italy. Available in bold colors, simple patterns, and classic Mediterranean shades, these table linens easily mix and match for a look that you can call your own. From plain solids to Lemons or even Nautical Sealife creatures you’ll love the look. Our table linens not only add elegance to your dining experience, they also help save the fine wood finish of your table by providing protection from spills or even unwanted scratches.

From casual dining to special occasions, Set the perfect table with our collection of Fine Italian Linens. These luxurious table linens are designed by Timothy De Clue and woven exclusively in Tuscany, Italy. The fabric is spun in one of Italy's world-renowned mills, by craftsmen who have been weaving linens since 1842, a company synonymous with refined elegance and artisanal craftsmanship. Luminous colors will bring your table to life.

Placemats, Long and the Short

Long placemats (runners) are the Italian way to set a table run these over the width of your table to create 2 place settings across from each other. Accent with some colored napkins or use an alternating color.

We also offer in most fabrics, traditional placemats 14”x18” are made to support the western way of setting a beautiful table.  Accent with same colored napkins or use an alternating color.

Everyone will find something they love in our exclusive assortment of placemats. Our bespoke line of fine Italian linens is a spectacular table linen option. These luxurious table linens are designed by Timothy De Clue and woven exclusively in Tuscany, Italy. From casual linen to crisp cotton and linen blends, we have placemats in designs that will reflect your own style.

The exclusive patterns on our placemats woven jacquard into the fabric in the small Tuscan town of Anghiari, Italy. Thoughtful embellishments like hand-guided embroidery, with octopus, fish, and many more flora and fauna patterns add character. We also have a rich array of solid-colored linen-cotton blend long placemats that add interest with tonal variations in the weave. We have easy-care placemats made exclusively by Busatti and jacquard woven placemats from natural fibers such as linen, Egyptian cotton, flax, organic cotton, and natural fibers. Most of our table linens are machine washable, and our natural fiber and organic options can be wiped with a damp cloth for easy care.


From casual to formal settings, our tablecloths set the tone for a gorgeous luxurious table. We search the world to find unique patterns to transform your table. Many of our tablecloths are available in the two standard sizes of 60" x 90" and 60" x 120" and may also include a 90" round option. Some sizes may have a 60" x 144" option for longer tables.

We use cotton, linen, and some all organic fibers to weave the cloth and make sure the majority of our tablecloths are machine washable for convenient care. To reduce the potential for wrinkling, we recommend removing linens from the dryer while still damp, smoothing by hand, and air drying. Linen blends will need to be starched and ironed.

Napkins Set of 4

Our cloth napkins come in a multitude of colors and patterns and finishes. Hemstitch finishes tend to be more formal, while the simple stitch is more casual. that ultimately match or complement our placemats and tablecloths. Most of the patterns are exclusive and woven in Italy—adding a special touch to your dining table space and readily transition from special occasions to everyday meals.

Some of our napkin options have subtle embellishments like hand-guided embroidery that elevates the look of your table. Many are woven from Egyptian cotton for a crisp, tailored look, or linen/cotton blends for a more casual yet impactful appearance. Like our tablecloths, our napkins are machine washable.

Runners/ Long Placemats

While most know these as runners, we know them as long placemats. Long placemats (runners) are the Italian way to set a table, run these over the width of your table to create 2 place settings across from each other. Accent with same colored napkins or use an alternating color. Table runners are a terrific linen option for adding visual interest to a table while allowing the beauty of your tabletop to show.

They also make a dramatic statement when used with coordinating placemats and holiday dinnerware. Like our tablecloths, runners at Timothy De Clue are selected to highlight the season or remain classically timeless for use at holidays and special occasions throughout the year.