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Seattle Souvenir

Seattle Souvenir

Seattle souvenir for visitors of the emerald city, or people that love and live in Seattle. These are items you can actually use rather than some trinket that you throw away after a single use. From Seattle Skyline barware to beautiful vintage chart plates and mugs, these souvenirs won;t be a dissapointemnt like getting a t-shirt. This collection includes some pieces inspired by local iconic architecture too, The Smith Tower and Arctic Club barware pieces are some of our favorite decanters and rocks glasses. The Arctic Club has a 40 oz whiskey spirits decanter and DOF double old fashioned and OTR on the rocks pairs. We also have mugs with Seattle nautical chart maps that include the streets in and around the area.  They are a generous mug that is perfect for any hot beverage like; tea, coffee, hot chocolate or anything you are to put into them. As Seattle is known for it's coffee scene you won't be disappointed in these coffee mugs.

So treat yourself or someone you love with wonderful Seattle themed gifts that are also useful and beautiful at the same time.