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School of Fish

School of Fish Collection

Our School of fish decorated glassware has the most wonderful story.  “Every now and again we all swim against the current. With this artfully depicted school of fish design, beautifully etched and polished fish swim together, except for one little guy headed in the opposite direction.

A delightful nod to the individuality and the unique spirit inside all of us.” We all know that unique person and they would love this line that represents their unique spirit. Diamond-wheel engraved & brilliantly polished detailing add elegance to the everyday.

The sets of four make for a delightful gift.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Diamond-wheel engraved & brilliantly polished in the USA. 

Wine Collection 

From stemless (Stem Less Tumbler) wine to balloon wines this collection will be a favorite of any wine connoisseur. There is no legal measure for a standard pour of wine, Industry-standard falls somewhere around the 4-5 oz. mark. The All-purpose wine is perfect for red or white wines, The balloon wine is a specific wine glass for reds as it allows for breathing room for those full-bodied wines.

These sizes allow a host to get about 5 glasses out of a bottle of wine. Dessert wines are usually served in a much smaller glass since they are much sweeter and higher in alcohol than other types of wines. We prefer the stemless wine glass for white and dessert wines. It's important not to overfill a wine glass, as the extra space in the glass is there intentionally, to hold aromas. You’ll also want to decant your wine in the carafe. Decanting red wines or even whites helps to open up the aroma. 

Don’t forget the Champagne bubbles go up the sides of these wonderful fish covered stems and create an underwater scene fit for royalty. 

Cocktail Collection

When serving whisky we like to use our DOF Glasses, DOF stands for Double Old Fashioned Glasses. This term has been replaced by the new term Rocks Glasses. We use both in our verbiage as to not confuse the old-timers and the new to the scene folks.

I’m sure everyone knows the term martini, well these martini glasses are oversized and perfect for a Manhattan or any type of martini you prefer. For the cocktail connoisseur, we also have highball glasses perfect for those tall G&T’s (Gin & Tonic), Midori Sours, Vodka Collins, Mojito, Bloody Mary, and Dark & Stormy... Oh my, I might need to freshen up my drink about now. 

We can’t forget the beer drinkers with our tall pilsners covered in the fish motif.  

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