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Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels 

Kitchen Linens

The fresh kitchen towel is a simple yet affordable way to transform your kitchen, from blah to ahhh. kitchen towels are super important for a beautiful yet functional kitchen. They make it easy to move food in and out of the oven and onto the table. You can coordinate your kitchen tea towels with one another so that the table linens complement the cloth napkins.

You can find many different styles and patterns of kitchen linens that vary based on local or European themes. If you are looking for an affordable way to freshen up your kitchen, every day or during the holidays this is a quick way to refresh. 

A staple in any home, our signature Italian kitchen collection is ready for all sorts of homes – from casual coastal to formal yet classic homes. Each features jacquard woven patterns from Lemons to Sealife. Woven in Italy, Made of Egyptian organic cotton, some are even blended with organic Belgium linen. Order them online NOW... Placemats, Napkins, and Kitchen towels in Corallo, Nautilus, and Limoncello are usually in stock and ready to ship.

Stock up for the holidays, who wouldn't want beautiful linens woven in Italy? Along with the holidays comes lots of kitchen prep work, why not treat yourself to a beautiful kitchen towel while you're at it? They also make wonderful gifts for the baker or home chef in your life... 

A staple in any home kitchen, our signature kitchen towel collection is ready for all sorts of tasks – from mopping up spills to drying pots and pans. Each features jacquard woven patterns from Lemons to nautical Sea life. Woven in Italy, using some of the same technology since 1842, made of Egyptian organic cotton, some are even blended with organic Belgium linen. Includes loop for hanging.

Preparing meals can get messy, which is why a well-made towel can protect your kitchen and make cooking that much easier. Make cleanup a cinch keeping counters from getting stained from spills, grease splatters, and colorful food like beets and blackberries. These towels wash up and are meant to be sued. These towels make it easy to avoid messes while preparing dinner. If you have ever baked for your family or friends, then you know that flour is an ingredient that can easily get stuck to your countertops and grout. Don’t let baking get the best of you. Protect your surfaces with these beautiful yet useful towels.