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Home Decor

Home Decor

At Timothy De Clue Collection, we believe that personal touches make your house feel like a home. Home is where we spend the most time, and it's also where you show off your unique style! There are pieces that decorate a home, and there are treasures that define their home, making a visual style statement that intrigues, amazes, and delights. Surround yourself with unique home accent pieces you can’t stop thinking about. To help express your personal style, we’ve curated a diverse assortment of home decor that make a lasting impression and complete your home.

Our Collection of home decor has the right accent for any home. Ranging from abstract sculptural pieces for the modern living room, to nautical touches for the seaside-themed beach home, to classic pewter frames and rustic accents for the resort style home, our comprehensive assortment of unique home accent pieces will have you covered. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, a traditionalist or a modernist, are decorating a large house or a small apartment, we have the right decorative accents for your home.

Because of our heritage in the Pacific Northwest, we have a fondness for elegantly working ocean themes into our home decor. Our collection for the Beach Style Home features stunning design elements inspired by the seashore. From statement pieces like the Octopus Stand with Glass Bowl, to our quirky Pewter Crab Taper Candleholder, to our popular Metal + Shell Conch Octopus, these imaginative deep-sea details will transform your home into a beach house getaway.

Bring the charm of the great outdoors indoors with our rustic collection of woodland themed decor. Make a statement with stunning pewter creations like the Woodland’s Antler Oval Platter, or wine and dine in charming style with our delightful Squirrel Cheese Stand. We have every detail you need to transform your house in to a cozy and comfortable Lodge Resort Style home.

Modern style is expressed through natural materials, crisp lines, and neutral or bold design. Even the most contemporary, minimal decor requires a few touches that catch the eye and add visual interest. Our collection of modern home accent decor will complete the look and add just the right amount of style and refinement.

Accent decor can serve a function, and we believe that style and artistry should touch every detail in your home. Discover decorative serving trays and platters that double as accent decor pieces, candleholders that function as sculptural art, and decorative boxes that organize your space and belongings. Find the perfect home decor to match your unique style.