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Home Accents

Home Accents 

At Timothy De Clue Collection, we believe that personal touches make your house feel like a home. Home is where we spend the most time, and it's also where you show off your unique style! There are pieces that decorate a home, and there are treasures that define their home, making a visual style statement that intrigues, amazes, and delights. Surround yourself with unique home accent pieces you can’t stop thinking about. To help express your personal style, we’ve curated a diverse assortment of home decor that make a lasting impression and complete your home.

Our Collection of home decor has the right accent for any home. For the Modern Home, we have selected contemporary decor accents like the Geometric Mirrored Tray and Lombardia Picture Frames by Match Pewter. Sculptural pieces with metallic finishes pop against the sleek lines of the contemporary home aesthetic.

Because of our heritage in the Pacific Northwest, we have a fondness for elegantly working ocean themes into our home decor. These can be incorporated into your home accessorizing in any number of ways, either as a subtle touch or the start of an elaborate collection of unique curios. Our Collection features stunning design elements inspired by the seashore and celebrating the iconic Seattle Kraken. From statement pieces like the Octopus Stand with Glass Bowl to our quirky Pewter Crab Taper Candleholder, to our popular Metal + Shell Conch Octopus, these imaginative deep-sea details will transform your home into a beach house getaway.

For the Lodge Style Resort Home, we have gathered rustic home decor accessories that evoke the outdoors while creating a sense of comfort, familiarity, and classic style. Home decor accents such as the stunning Elk Centerpiece Bowl will serve as a memorable focal point, while retro pieces of accent decor like the Etched Trophy with Large Handles add refined style wherever you place them.

Ranging from abstract sculptural pieces for the modern living room to nautical touches for the seaside-themed beach home, to classic pewter frames and rustic accents for the resort-style home, our comprehensive assortment of unique home accent pieces will have you covered. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, a traditionalist or a modernist, are decorating a large house or a small apartment, we have the right decorative accents and alternative objects for your home.

Find the ideal decor for your Modern Home, Beach Home, Resort Style Home, or Lake House Style Home.