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Double Old Fashion Glasses

Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Spirits Decanters and DOF, OTR, Highball

The original decanters were designed for wines. The traditional open-top long neck was capped by the British around 1730ad.  The design has not changed much since the first capped decanter was created. These beautiful vessels can have cut crystal detailing and originally were a high lead content making this cutting possible. Now crystal is lead-free and safe for storing your spirits or liquors in. Our decanters are all lead-free crystal, for example, the Smith Tower Decanter with its art deco styling. Most of our decanters have matching cocktail glasses aka OTR or DOF.

OTR means “on the rocks” a smaller version of the rocks glass usually around 11oz. The larger rocks glasses are known as DOF or ‘double old fashion” these are usually in the range of 15oz. Imagine how beautiful your bar would be with these beautiful companion rocks and liquor decanters. Holding your most prized scotch in a beautiful liquor decanter will impress even the finest connoisseur of fine spirits. Perfect for whiskey or scotch, the Match Pewter Spirits Decanter is a timeless addition to any bar. When serving whisky we like to use our DOF Glasses, DOF stands for Double Old Fashioned Glasses. This term has been replaced by the new term Rocks Glasses. We use both in our verbiage as to not confuse the old-timers and the new to the scene folks.

I’m sure everyone knows the term martini, well these martini glasses are oversized and perfect for a Manhattan or any type of martini you prefer. For the cocktail connoisseur, we also have highball glasses perfect for those tall G&T’s (Gin & Tonic), Midori Sours, Vodka Collins, Mojito, Bloody Mary, and Dark & Stormy... Oh my, I might need to freshen up my drink about now. 

We can’t forget the beer drinkers with our tall pilsners that enhance the taste of a frothy hop-filled beer. Our collection of barware includes something for every taste and style. Pick the perfect style that suits you and be ready to get your favourite products at your door step. 


Bar Accessories & Barware

A home bar wouldn’t be complete without the proper tools. We have quite an assortment of items from pewter to special handles tool kits. The Pike Place Bar Tool kit is the perfect bar accent, with its black and white stylish handles and chrome finish. These toolsets come with handles jigger, bottle opener, citrus knife, and long-handled spoon for stirring the perfect mixed drink.

No one wants to grab the wrong liquor when planning to serve a nice scotch and mistakenly grabbing a bourbon. Both might be whiskey but you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of serving the wrong drink. Our decanter tags are the perfect solution. We have nautical beach house styles such as our Pewter Ship Anchor Decanter Tags or even our woodland or lodge style Pewter Elk Decanter Tags.   


Create the perfect home bar, by including our other collections - 

Our Collection of Home DécorDinnerwareTabletop, Match Pewter, will bring cohesive charm into your home. Shop them all together online from the comfort of your home and save multiple shipment costs. Please don’t forget the finishing touch of a Bar Tray from Timothy De Clue Collection.