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At Timothy De Clue Collection, we believe that setting a beautiful table is one of the best ways to bring people together. While food is a part of the equation, creating a stunning setting is equally important. Set the right tone to match your culinary creations with the best tableware from Timothy De Clue Collection. Our unique selection of dinnerware sets features everything from contemporary dinnerware collections, to classic style, to plates you’ll want to display on your walls and everything you need to host a gathering of any scale. 


Whether you are searching for a single dining plate or are looking to update your entire place-setting, we have just the thing for you. Our Dinnerware Collection features plates and bowls that are delicate to look at and crafted by artisans, but strong enough for everyday use. These designs focus on contemporary interpretations of classic motifs, with compositions that are both timeless and fresh. We believe style shouldn’t be fussy, and many of our unique dinnerware sets are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Coastal Dinnerware

Our modern dinnerware collection features stunning porcelain dishes with intricate coastal motifs. Mix and match our popular blue and white Blue Lucy Octopus Plates with complimentary patterns like School of Fish that are evocative of the ocean, or use them as stand-out accent dinnerware pieces against classic white porcelain dinnerware for a subtler look. Blue Lucy looks wonderful on statement serve ware pieces like pasta bowl sets, dinner plates, salad plates, serving platters, and on mix-and-match mug sets.

Modern Dinnerware

Modern style is all about bold, chic patterns, and our Modern Dinnerware Collection has just what you are looking for. Graphic patterns on classic white porcelain dishes distinguish the Fez Dinnerware Collection, Newport Salad Plate Set, and Casablanca Crimson. These eye-catching dinner plates and bowls will make your modern table stand out.

Luxury Dinnerware

For the most refined occasions, we offer a luxury online dinnerware collection like no other. Gold-accented plates feature stunning wildlife and equestrian paintings by American artist Julie Wear. These artistic dishes and serving plates accentuate your table, and are so beautiful you will want to display them when not in use. Sometimes timeless elegance is just what you need, and our collection of MATCH Pewter luxury dinnerware is like no other. These hand-crafted pewter dishes effortlessly transform a table for more formal occasions, or simply make the everyday experience more special.

Stoneware Dinnerware

Stoneware Dinnerware is a durable alternative to porcelain and china, with a thicker build that stands up against time and wears. Shop our best online collection of stoneware dinner plate sets, plates, and bowls.

Holiday Dinnerware

The holidays are a special time of year, and a wonderful holiday meal is something we always look back on fondly. Shop our premier collection of Christmas dinnerware, adorned with winter motifs and shimmering gold accents. 

Discover the perfect Dinnerware to compliment your Barware, Table Linens, and Decor.