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Decorative Pillows and Throws

Decorative Pillows and Throws

Our bespoke line of fine luxury Italian linens is designed to fit your lifestyle. Lifestyles from casual, elegantly sophisticated, or even bold classics, be rest assured they are all here. These luxurious Italian linens are designed by Timothy De Clue and woven exclusively in Tuscany, Italy. The unsurpassed craftsmanship of Timothy De Clue Collection’s bedding and linens ensure the highest quality materials to provide your most comfortable night's sleep. These Italian beddings are expertly woven on a traditional mechanical shuttle loom in Tuscany.

The fabric is spun in one of Italy's world-renowned mills, by craftsmen who have been weaving Italian bed linens since 1842, a company synonymous with refined elegance and artisanal craftsmanship. Luminous colors will bring your bed to life. For over 170 years, the family-owned firm has been producing natural fiber fabrics in Italy. All work, from spinning to finishing, is done in time-honored methods.

The raw long staple thread is treated with olive oil before being spun and linen and cotton are dyed on the thread with exclusive colors. Mechanical shuttle looms, dating from the early 20th century, gently insert the weft-threads, giving fabrics incredible softness.

Personalize Your Italian linens

Personalize your Italian bed linens with color, pattern or texture, or add decorative pieces, such as a bold pillow or a wool throw, to create an evocative welcoming environment. Whether your style is casual, elegantly sophisticated, or classic, rest assured that you're acquiring the world's most luxurious Italian bedding. When the body is relaxed, so is the mind. 

Our Italian bedding sets are easy to care machine wash delicate, Tumble dry low, take out when damp, lay flat to dry. The sizes are standard; Queen Duvet Cover 94" x 98". King Duvet Cover 110" x 98" Pillow Shams 1 1/2" flange, some have a zipper closure, others have hidden European closure, Standard Pillowcase sham 30"x20", King Pillowcase sham 36"x20" and Euro sham 26x26"

Bedding Ensembles 

We proudly also offer Ann Gish and the Art of Home. They’re best known for exquisitely detailed, finely made bed linens. Founded by Ann Gish in 1991, her products can be found in the finest home stores, specified by leading interior designers, and featured in hotels worldwide. Her designs are in the homes of many celebrities and have also appeared in film, TV, and on Broadway.

The practical elegance of her design has affected the way beds and bed accessories are presented in the marketplace today. The designs rely on elegance that is easy and pleasurable to live with, achieved through a marriage of form and function. It is a luxury created for and enjoyed by the senses.

The Art of Home. This incredibly well-priced group of duvet sets, coverlet sets, sheeting, and decorative pillows is beautifully made with the same quality as the Ann Gish line in more affordable easier care fabrics.

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