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Crystal Decanter Collection

Make a statement with our must-have crystal decanter collection. Decanters are an item I can’t decorate without. They are so useful to not only hold liquor but to add sparkle to space. Decanter for wine or whiskey come in so many beautiful shapes and sizes, from traditional captain’s ship decanter shape to traditional whiskey decanter and some even have pewter accents. I love placing them onto silver vintage bar trays unpolished to add that vintage old-world feel to space.

Whiskey and Wine Decanters

Dress up your bar with timeless elegance from MATCH Pewter. These luxurious designs featuring luxury-grade pewter and clearest crystal, and are hand-crafted in Northern Italy. Take for example the Pewter and Crystal Wine Decanter imagine how beautiful your small-batch local wines would look in this vessel. These gorgeous crystal decanters will take your bar to the next level of refinement. Decanting wine in a wine decanter has been around since ancient Roman days.

The Venetians reinvented the glass decanter during the renaissance. We can thank the Romans for what we know today as the wine decanter. A well-appointed bar is a sign of a hospitable home and conveys the welcoming spirit your home wants to convey with our decanter collection.

Spirits Decanters

The original decanters were designed for wines. The traditional open-top long neck was capped by the British around 1730ad. The design has not changed much since the first capped decanter was created. These beautiful vessels can have cut crystal detailing and originally were a high lead content making this cutting possible. Now crystal is lead-free and safe for storing your spirits or liquors in.

Our decanters are all lead-free crystal, for example, the Smith Tower Decanter with its art deco styling. Most of our decanters have matching cocktail glasses aka OTR or DOF. OTR means “on the rocks” a smaller version of the rocks glass usually around 11oz. The larger rocks glasses are known as DOF or ‘double old fashion” these are usually in the range of 15oz.

Imagine how beautiful your bar would be with these beautiful companion rocks and liquor decanters. Holding your most prized scotch in a beautiful liquor decanter will impress even the finest connoisseur of fine spirits. Perfect for whiskey or scotch, the Match Pewter Spirits Decanter is a timeless addition to any bar.

Decanters Accessories

No one wants to grab the wrong liquor when planning to serve a nice scotch and mistakenly grabbing a bourbon. Both might be whiskey but you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of serving the wrong drink. Our decanter tags are the perfect solution. We have nautical styles such as our Pewter Ship Anchor Decanter Tags or even our woodland or cabin style Pewter Elk Decanter Tags.

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