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Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments


In the mountains of central Germany, in a tiny town tucked away, the Christmas ornaments we love today were born. The town of Lauscha, Germany was famously known in the late 16th century for its specialty in glass blowing. In traditional European tradition, families would decorate their Christmas trees with fruits like apples and oranges, nuts, and tinsel, Apples represented the forbidden fruit discussed in the bible, but fresh fruit was too costly for some families. In 1847, a direct descendant of Lauscha’s first glassmaker, Hans Greiner created Christmas tree decorations that last Christmas after Christmas. He went to work creating baubles or ornaments, in the shape of apples, oranges, nuts, and other simple designs. These designs remain a tradition that is popular worldwide.  

Royal Influence

In the 1800s German and English immigrants brought the European Christmas traditions to the USA. These traditions grew with popularity and everyone wanted to have beautiful Christmas decorations to brighten up the cold winter days,  

Queen Victoria was a huge influence on Christmas trees and decorations. Victoria celebrating her German husband's and even her Mother’s traditions, this helped increase the acceptance of these German traditions. Decorated Christmas trees Have since become the most popular tradition of the Holiday Season.

Retail Splendor

Shop owners also saw the business potential in Christmas ornaments. Woolworth's store owner visited Germany in the 1880s and decided to import wonderful Christmas ornaments made of blown glass to sell in his stores. He started a long tradition of selling glass-blown Christmas ornaments like you see today. We now sell them via the web and online instead of a shop.

Most of these glass ornaments were made in Germany until after World War II. Other ornaments were made of fiberboard and glittered (a thick type of cardboard) and depicted angels and other scenes. Putz houses are a great example of this type of décor. Hallmark Keepsake ornaments began in 1973, marking a yearly tradition for many families.

How Christmas Ornaments Are Made

Christmas ornaments today have taken on details and themed designs that would leave our ancestors speechless. We still can’t believe ornaments are still made the same way they have always been or at least since 1847, like the Christmas ornaments from Christopher Radko to Traditional ones from Old World Christmas. Using heat from a torch, clear glass cylinders with a long blow-pipe are blown until they’ve created a bulb. These are then placed into molds to create the pieces you love today. As the glassmaker gradually takes the temperature from molten to a more manageable temperature.

The glass is added to the cooling oven for ornaments to temper.  The artisans add silvering solution into the Christmas Ornament’s stem and the entire thing is dipped into warm water, activating the silvering chemicals for a mirror-like finish of the Christmas ornament. The next step is to dip the Christmas ornaments in lacquer for color and hand-painted to their unique features bringing them to life.

Christmas themes are our specialty

Themes are one way to show your style. Whether it’s a modern theme or retro we suggest picking something near and dear to your heart. We suggest making your tree or mantle the centerpiece of your collection and build off of that.  Adding silver or pewter bowls of ornaments or apothecary jars filled with sparkling baubles. Your style will show through these wonderful holiday traditions.  

Traditional Christmas ornaments are one of our favorites, but why not add some whimsy with some of our favorites like the woodsman or squirrel woodland-themed ornaments?

We use Christmas ornaments in many different ways from Garland to small tabletop trees; we’ve even placed them into bowls on a cocktail table. If you’re looking for more ideas on where to hang Christmas tree ornaments for the season or for all year round check out our Facebook and Instagram posts during the holiday season.

Hanging Christmas Ornaments throughout the House

We say don’t limit yourself to just using ornaments on a tree. When you have more than you can fit onto your tree, garlands and wreaths are the perfect solutions for overflow ornaments.

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