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Christmas German Incense Smokers

Authentic German Incense Smokers - German smokers Rauchermen at Timothy De Clue Collection

The first smoker Rauchermen was developed around 1850 in Heidelberg close to Seiffen by toymakers, inspired by the fact that smoking had become very popular around this time. Many of them still carry a pipe in their hands. Incense smokers have become a very important part of the regional tradition and are mainly used around Christmas time. At first, dough served as material. Nowadays, woodturning is the main technique that is used to produce a German smoker.

The hollow body is made of two pieces. An incense cone is put into the lower part of the split body. The smoke comes out of the mouth of the incense smoker and provides a drifting aroma throughout the room. Today, there is a wide range of different fragrances, from the classical Christmas fragrances such as fir tree or gingerbread up to lavender or lemon.

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Our collection of German smokers online is like a nostalgic visit to Germany. Smokers figures of everyday life were used as a motif. Most smokers are a representation of jobs/professions such as bakers, foresters, miners, or chimney-sweeps, but there are also lawyers, doctors, nurses, gardeners, and painters. Nowadays, more modern-day activities have also become very popular. Many of them show hobbies such as golf cooking, grilling, Wine making/Vintner or football players, snowboarders, and bikers, but there are also animals or snowmen.  

Every artist has developed his own style and some of them have even produced series for collectors and enthusiasts, which are amplified with new models each year, as for example the gnomes made by Ulbricht, or the tall smokers by Seiffener Volkskunst. A smoker made by one of the famous manufacturers in the Erzgebirge guarantees the highest quality of material and they are all at the top of the original German workmanship.

We have collected several artist collections of different German smokers. They are beautiful gifts for Christmas, but also for any other occasions of the year. 

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