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Bar Trays

Bar Tray Collection

Make a statement with our must-have tray collection. Trays are an item I can’t decorate without. They are so useful to contain bar items, bath items, or even decorative objects. They come in so many finishes, from natural wood materials to faux ivory and even pewter. I love using vintage silver trays unpolished to add that vintage old-world feel to space. 

Types of Trays - decorative serving trays, wooden serving trays, serving tray with handles, serving dishes, decorative trays, serving platters, mirrored tray, coffee table tray, dinner trays, bar tray, table trays, round serving tray, kitchen tray, food trays, coffee tray Trays are a wonderful thing to have around the home.

Not only do they elevate your bar, but they also assist in entertaining and creating beautiful displays. At Timothy De Clue Collection, we believe your personal style should be expressed in every detail of your home decor. Our collection of unique and stylish trays has something for everyone. 

Decoratives Bar Trays  

Home is where we spend the most time, and it's also where you can show off your unique style. Who says useful objects like serving trays have to compromise on style? Whether you are seeking a wooden serving tray, a decorative serving tray, a kitchen tray, or a classic bar tray, you will find what you are looking for in our collection of trays.

Bar Tray

Bar trays take your home bar to the next level of sophistication. A staple of bars and classic reading rooms, bar trays dress up whatever is set upon them. Arrange a decanter and set of glasses on a decorative tray, and serve up signature drinks with a serving tray with handles. Pair the sleek Black Rope Tray with our collection of MATCH Pewter barware, the reflective Geometric Mirrored Tray with timeless crystal barware with Waterford, and the charming Zusi Seahorse Tray with our collection of Sealife Barware.

Tray for Kitchen, Serving Food

Not just for the bar, our collection of trays features the perfect table trays for your 

next gathering. Arrange a selection of cheeses and hors d’oeuvres on a distinctive wooden serving tray, and serve up your favorite dishes on a memorable serving platter. Our selection of food trays comprises everything from luxury-grade pewter, to hand-carved wooden trays, to round serving trays that serve as a centerpiece for your next tablescape. Understated designs like the Set of Two Huntington Trays add a pop of sophistication, while showstoppers like the rustic Pewter Moose Antler Tray and Octopus Presentation Tray make a lasting impression. Enjoy the winter indoor and bring your coffee and tea to bed with a handled coffee tray. 

The tray as Home Decor

When not in use serving food and drinks, trays are a wonderful item to work into your everyday decor. Place anything from decorative objects to household items on a decorative tray or serving platter, and instantly bring order and interest to your decorative arrangement.

We believe style, artistry, and craftsmanship should factor into every detail of your home, and have curated a collection of bar trays, kitchen trays, decorative serving platters, and food trays that exemplify style and sophistication. Find the perfect tray to complement your Decor, Lighting, and Furniture.