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TDC Nautilus Cotton Sea Life Kitchen Towel | Dish Towel | Made in Italy

TDC Nautilus Cotton Sea Life Kitchen Towel

The Nautilus line of tea/kitchen towels features a beautiful mosaic of sea creatures in five colorways. Hand-finished and filled with rustic Italian charm, these woven towels infuse your kitchen with rich Mediterranean colors. Makes a great host gift. 

Legend of the Puget Sound, the Seattle Kraken is an iconic decorative addition to any home. The inspiration for this pattern came from the Roman seafood mosaic. Mosaics consist of small pieces of colored glass or stone, used to form an image or pattern on a floor or wall. This marine fauna mosaic is from the House of the Faun, in Pompeii, Italy, and accurately depicts over twenty forms of fish, shellfish, and eels. At the center, an octopus attacks a lobster. Surrounding them are dogfish, morays, sea basses, sea breams, mullets, and electric rays. This mosaic is displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Naples, Italy. 

 28" x 23" 100% cotton Machine-wash Made in Italy.

See a Demo Video of Where It's Made Here

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