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Arctic Club OTR "On The Rocks" 11oz | DOF "Double Old Fashion"

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Arctic Club OTR "On The Rocks" 11oz | DOF "Double Old Fashion"

The Arctic Club is one of Seattle's iconic historic buildings, famous for its architecture and multi-colored matte glaze terra cotta work, including walruses protruding from the facade. Built-in 1916 for the Arctic Club, a social group established by wealthy individuals who experienced Alaska's gold rush, it is now a luxury hotel in the heart of Pioneer Square. The building basically started its life as a bar. In late 1907, two tycoons established a social club with other Arctic explorers as a place to drink and reminisce on old times in the Arctic.

Our crystal is lead-free and made in the USA.

NEW SIZE (Smaller than the original 14.5oz) order the 14.75oz if adding to existing glasses purchased before 11/15/20 

Capacity: 11oz Pair OTR "On The Rocks" 

• Dishwasher safe
• Imported Glass from Germany
• Cut and Polished in the USA
• 11oz 
• D: 3 3/8“
• D: 3“