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April 07, 2021 2 min read

For most of us our house is no longer just your home. It’s your Corporate Head Quarters. In the new world we live in, the bookcase and the gallery wall are who you are during the Virtual/Zoom meetings. Backdrops can say a lot about you and also be the gap between uniquely driven and rigorously professional. If the ideal power backdrop was once the skyline view from your top floor office, a wall of books or black-and-white photographs with select décor pieces, makes for a passable substitute – the same busy, architectural angles, the same strong statement. You don’t have an office filled with leather-bound books or a study lined with weighty hardback biographies? No problem – a shelf filled with interesting object and a select few paperbacks will do. The story is about simplicity and clarity.  A bookshelf backdrop is a visual reassurance – to your clients, or your boss, or your friends– that although you are at home you are working hard, not out hiking. 

Keith Richards in his Library

Our selection of unique décor pieces are usually a great conversation starter. They can also convey the story you'd like to tell. A story is about who you are and how you live. It let's people know a little about your background with out telling them verbally. 

It can be overwhelming trying to style your shelves, not to worry we can help you out. The key is to take it step by step. Sort and separate your pieces. Start out with what you have the most of; typically, it's books. Next, add the second layer. That might be accessories like Decorative Boxes, these look fantastic on shelves and people will wonder what you have stashed away. Another great accent is artwork, this will create the complete look you're trying to acheive. Layering and more layering adds interest and intrigue, Home Décor AKA Accessories are the key. Taking this approach allows you to look at everything as a whole and add items slowly and deliberately. If you start with one empty shelf, onto the next, you may run out of items or realize you used too many of one thing in a certain area. This step will save you time and a lot of headaches. Ask us how we can help you fill in the gaps. Our website is full of décor, artwork, and unique home pieces that will tell your story and impress even the most critical eyes. 

Creating a wall of curiosities by Timothy De Clue Collection

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