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May 30, 2020 1 min read

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Remember weekend shopping? Going to stores, bumping into people? We don't either.


The retail sector is being devastated by this crisis. All those shops in the downtown shopping district—what is going on with the people who own them? Are their shops along First Avenue going to survive this?

Today we check in on one, Timothy De Clue, whose store offers "specialty barware, apothecary, seasonal décor, lighting, bespoke furniture and bedding, among other fine home pieces."

In his message, he talks about an Italian company that has switched from making luxury bedding to making masks—which you can buy.


Who doesn't want a mask made by that pillow-maker?

As his website says:

Timothy De Clue Collection has a curated home collection like no other. His elegant showroom will endlessly inspire and entertain you with ever changing displays...

Timothy’s strong sense of design evolved out of his humble beginnings, a desire to create endless getaways by designing evocative environments.

If you want that throw, or that octopus, or that skyline, or that towel, or that bedding before they started doing the masks—well, now you have all the links you need. You can do some weekend shopping at home!!

Thank you for this glimpse into your world, Timothy, and good luck down there.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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