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April 19, 2021 2 min read

The olive tree is as unique as it's gorgeous tastes. It's an evergreen that has delicate leaves and gnarly branches. Olive wood is also used to create gorgeous products from bowls to pens. The main use of the olive tree are olives to eat and of course olive oil, a mainstay in many homes like mine. 

You can't just wake up one spring morning and decide to plant an olive grove, it takes a lot of patience and 15 years for the trees to mature. They can produce quality olives for as many as 65 years and live to be hundreds of years old. Italy has always been the world leader beautiful olive oil and also consumes the most olive oil produced. 

Olive trees where introduced in Italy, specifically Sicily, by the Greek somewhere around 800 BC. Once the Mediterranean region came under the Roman Empire olive oil production became Italy's main crop. 

When the Roman Empire fell, the olive oil production was nearly destroyed. However the olive tree and the oil it produces was of great importance to the Catholic Church. In fact, the Catholic community in Italy were key to keeping olive oil production going, and helping to regain its status. By encouraging the growth of olive groves in the country. 

Having traveled in many different regions in Italy each one has unique tasting olive oils. I'm sure it's due to different soils and weather. Many oils have a slight green taste we don't get here in the states. Almost a pepper flavor, one of may favorites condiments to dip bread in. 

With the deep history and love of olives I present this beautiful collection of olive motif products. Our kitchen towels and table linens named Laudemio (olive in Italian) made in Tuscany are a beautiful accent to any home with a Mediterranean style or not. We also have beautiful olive motif, pewter kitchen and serving pieces. get a little piece of Italy and add these beautiful pieces to your home collection. 


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