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February 08, 2021 1 min read

What’s the difference between OTR or Neat? How is straight up different from on the rocks? This lingo has been around for a long time, however for a lot of people, the difference between these styles can be down right confusing or misunderstood.  


Served Neat

Neat is the most used term. This means that a spirit is directly poured into a glass (preferably a OTR "on the rocks" or DOF "double old fashion" Glass). It’s similar to a shot, but the glass makes a huge difference in the sipping experience. Neat drinks are approx two ounces, not chilled, there are no extra ingredients (even ice) and no, you can’t make a white russian neat. Scotch and whiskey are the most popular liquors to drink neat. Higher-quality are usually served neat 


Served Up

Typically describes an alcoholic beverage that is iced and is shaken or stirred. Many martinis are served up. Before this type of beverage is served, the drink is strained, and normally poured into a martini style glass. I like to serve my margaritas Up and it saves on the ice melting and diluting the beverage.  




On The Rocks

You all know what rocks are correct?  “Rocks” are ice, so if you want a pour of your favorite spirit with some ice cubes, “on the rocks” is how you order it. But remember: letting the ice sit in the glass will change the experience of a spirit because of dilution. For high-quality spirits, many connoisseurs frown upon it, It's your cocktail so do what you want! 

 No matter how you like your spirits served we've got you covered... 


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