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July 03, 2021 1 min read

Faux Bois Collection made with iron to look like wood branches dining chairs

The nature-inspired Faux Bois Garden Collection is an artisan collection of pieces that are eye catching and enduring. Crafted from iron, the Faux Bois Pieces looks deceptively like its made from branches. Faux Bois literally translates as "false wood" and is a Renaissance furniture style that offers an artistic representation of tree branches, natural wood and wood grains. In lieu of traditional concrete construction, our pieces are sculpted from iron. To achieve the distinctive, vintage-inspired patina requires more than 10 meticulous processing steps!

French-inspired, the Floor Standing Faux Bois Iron Aviary is designed with faux-weathered metal to provide a vintage look. Constructed of iron faux bois, this Aviary can be used indoors or out to add a touch of novelty and intrigue. Fill with potted plants or a statuesque piece. Assembly required, hardware provided. Aviaries date back to the 1500's but experienced a Victorian revival in the 19th century. The decorative aviary become popular in gardens and homes. The Paris Aviary and its faux bois iron construction is influenced by French design. Use to decorate a nook or garden.

Faux Bois Decorative accents and furniture in iron

Faux bois began as an art form in 19th century France (hence its name, French for "fake wood"). New technology allowed for the combination of steel and concrete, which in turn was used to craft works imitating nature. Bridges, railings, and furniture could be made to look like the natural curve of a branch, a log, or a vine, complete with all of the knots and other indentations that typically come with such elements of the natural world.

Faux Bois Barrel Chair a perfect accent to any space modern or traditional

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