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TDC Italian Medici Gold Diamond Pattern Set of Four Napkins 16" Square Hemstitch Finish

Introducing our bespoke line of fine Italian linens. These luxurious table linens are designed by Timothy De Clue and woven exclusively in Tuscany, Italy. The fabric is spun in one of Italy's world-renowned mills, by craftsmen who have been weaving linens since 1842,

a company synonymous with refined elegance and artisanal craftsmanship. Luminous colors will bring your table to life. For over 170 years, the family-owned firm has been producing natural fiber fabrics in Italy. All work, from spinning to finishing, is done in time-honored methods. The raw long staple thread is treated with olive oil before being spun and linen and cotton are dyed on the thread exclusive colors. Mechanical shuttle looms, dating from the early 20th century, gently insert the weft-threads, giving fabrics incredible softness. Care of Fabrics and Products Fabrics are 100% natural fibers and will develop additional beauty over time. Cream colored linens will become more white, textures will soften, coloring will remain rich. Care symbols are found on the label.

Care of fabric is most simply expressed as gentle wash and line dry. The following are suggestions to best care for fabric products. These practices are easy to adapt to and gratifying; slowing down a bit to care for items used in home life feels good. -To preserve the texture and the brilliance of the colors it is recommended to initially use a warm wash, gentle cycle; hot wash can be used after as appropriate. -In the first wash the most fabrics will shrink approximately 5% as the fibers thicken and tighten in the weave, although some fabrics are pre-washed and pre-shrunk directly off the loom (these are the fabrics with a slight wrinkle texture). -Wash red colored fabrics separately for initial washes -Use neutral or natural soaps and no fabric softener -Select Reduced or Gentle Spin -Line dry is recommended, smoothing items when wet. If items mistakenly go in dryer, you can rewash and reshape when wet. - Press as needed. Most items require some pressing but some fabrics require no ironing. - Items can be dry cleaned, with any solvent except Trichloroethylene ( known as the “perk solution”, used by some dry cleaners)

Set of four napkins 16"x16" with hemstitch finish  100% Made in Italy 

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