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TDC Limoncello Lemon Motif Rectangular set of 2 Placemats

TDC Limoncello Lemon Motif Rectangular Pair set of 2 Placemats

Traditional place mats are made to support the western way of setting a beautiful table.  Accent with same colored napkins or use an alternating color. 

Dress up your table with Mediterranean charm. Lemon is one of our favorite fruits, thanks to its thousands of uses and qualities. The Limoncello textile stems from the love we have for this wonderful work of nature. Add a touch of freshness and color to your table all year long with these bright and uplifting Limoncello Placemats. Be sure to get matching napkins mix and match blue and yellow limoncello pieces. 

Pair Set of 2 Rectangular Placemat

Dimensions: 14 x 18in
Color: Yellow
Materials: 100% Cotton
Drawing: Jacquard
Refinishing: Simple Machine Hem
Material is woven by Italian artisans in Tuscany

Please note: This item will be special-ordered from Italy and may take several weeks to arrive.