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TDC Laudemio Olive Motif Rectangular Placemat Set of 4

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Traditional place mats are made to support the western way of setting a beautiful table.  Accent with same colored napkins or use an alternating color. 

The Laudemio olive-branch fabric was designed with the importance of bringing people together over a wonderful meal. Featuring soft and uplifting colors and a Mediterranean olive branch motif, this textile is perfect for any occasion and will add a fresh touch of style to your table. 

Set of 4 Rectangular Placemats with hemstitch finish  

Dimensions: 24 x 28in
Color: Green/Purple
Materials: 100% Cotton
Drawing: Jacquard
Refinishing: Hemstitch Finish
Material woven by Italian artisans in Tuscany

Please note: This item will be special-ordered from Italy and may take several weeks to arrive. Kindly proof that your desired colors are selected during check-out.