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Paracel Toss Pillow

Our philosophy is that comfort is the ultimate luxury, and that beautiful pillows can enhance your home without much effort. Each pillow made by artisan weavers in Tuscany, Italy. Since 1842 the Busatti family has been weaving in the cellars of the Palazzo Morgalanti in Anghiari, Tuscany. Busatti is still a synonym of quality and tradition, but also of innovation because of a constant search of new designs, colors, and models. The Timothy De Clue Collection and Busatti partnership stands for the highest quality products.

Toss Pillows are made of 40% Cotton 28%  Wool 13% Linen 19% Poly 

Available in 14'x20" or 16"x16" Limited quantities in stock/Could take 6-8 weeks if not in stock (we will contact you if this becomes a special order from Italy.)