Our beloved Lucy, favorite denizen of the deep, wraps herself around these special rocks glasses, enfolding your favorite spirit in her watery embrace. Legend of the Puget Sound, the Seattle Kraken is an iconic addition to any home bar. 

Two on-the-rocks glasses make this a perfect set for gifting or keep it for yourself and enjoy your own glass or two. Blue Lucy is carefully created by hand, using a sand-etching technique that renders her form deep into the glass. She's one of a kind, and this pair of glasses are too.

Focusing on contemporary interpretations of classic motifs, our artisanal collection of hand-etched barware features compositions that are both timeless and fresh. Meticulous attention to detail is evidenced in each piece, making these true modern-day heirlooms.

Dimensions: 3.37"H, 3" W - 11 oz. (Set of 2 DOF Rocks Glasses)
Sand Etched by Hand & Made in the USA

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Sku: OTR-11-380