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All Purpose Octopus Wine Glasses - Set of 4

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ALL Purpose Octopus Wine Glasses - Set of 4

The Octopus has been a mythical symbol of the sea for thousands of years.

Legend of the Puget Sound, the Seattle Kraken is an iconic addition to any bar. Its ability to transform color, shape, and texture inspires this creature to be representative of both the grace and the dangers that lie beneath the waves.

Transform your tabletop with a variety of shapes to choose from, including stemware, coolers, DOF and tumblers.

Deep sand-etched, made in the USA designs exhibit excellent quality, taste and style.

• Dishwasher safe
• Manufactured in the USA
• Sand-etched in the USA
• 18oz
• H: 8 7/8" 
• D: 3 1/2"