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Antler Engraved Solid Pewter Lidded Box

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Antler Engraved Solid Pewter Lidded Box

Founded by David Reiss in 1995, Match pewter is handmade by artisans in the North of Italy. Each piece is made with an alloy that is lead-free and safe for everyday use. The classic forms harmonize with both traditional and modern settings. Its warm reflections recall celebrations at well-laid tables and stories by candlelight.

Pewter is an alloy made of tin, copper, and antimony. Match pewter contains 95% of the highest quality tin, placing it above most available pewter products. Each piece by Match pewter has at least two hallmarks. These hallmarks designate the tin content and the artisan mark of the particular workshop in which the piece was hand crafted.

Antler engraved pewter box

4.7" L X 3.1" W X 1.4" H

Handmade in Italy

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