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TDC Costantinopoli Long Placemat

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Long place mats (runners) are the Italian way to set a table run these over the width of your table to create 2 place settings across from each other. Accent with same colored napkins or use an alternating color.

Constantinople: a city rich in myths and suggestions. A legendary place where people, religions, and cultures have intertwined.

This is the inspiration that guided the creation of the Constantinople fabric. Featuring an intricate jacquard pattern, this textile is perfect for any occasion and table.

This table runner, "Cavaliere" in Italian, can be matched with other colorful runners and napkins of the same fabric or with other jacquard or geometrical patterns, for a unique and personalized setting.


The sense of the classical term cavaliere (knight) is common to most people but the meaning in the decoration field is less known.

A cavaliere ia a fabric stripe which, covering a table on the width, gives rise to a setting for two. Basically a cavaliere is a wider and shorter runner extending from one side to the other on the width of a table allowing a set up for two, four, six and at the same time to show the beauty of a table. We could also say it's a long placemat for two.

The beauty of the cavaliere is in the versatility of its use: cavalieri can be of the same fabric and same color, in mix match colors, in different finishes and in assorted patterns to create innovative table settings.

They are perfect for luxurious tables, which would be a pity to cover with a tablecloth, and for counters or for design furniture.
Decorating with cavalieri gives more space to fantasy and creativity and allows to decorate with elegance and freshness. 

One Long Rectangular Placemat

Dimensions: 19 x 56in
Color: Red/Brown/Cream ; Sand/Cream
Materials: 100% Cotton
Drawing: Jacquard
Refinishing: Hemstitch Finish
Material woven by Italian artisans in Tuscany

Please note: This item will be special-ordered from Italy and may take several weeks to arrive. Kindly proof that your desired colors are selected during check-out.