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Bee Sing Silk Toss Pillow

Our philosophy is that comfort is the ultimate luxury, and that beautiful pillows can enhance your home without much effort. Each pillow made by artisan weavers in Florence, Italy. Below ids the history of the wonderful fabric manufacturer. In keeping with tradition, Lisio Roma today proposes its collection of fabrics for artistic high-quality decor along with innovative collections for every taste. 

Giuseppe Lisio came from the Abruzzo region … “he was born in Roccamontepiano near Chieti on 26 February 1870… The desire for ingenuity, the ability to think big, and an artistic sense led Lisio to become interested in the history of the silk industry in Italy… Restoring the silk industry as a pure art form became a mission for Lisio, and it formed the originality in his life. It was not an easy task… trying to raise something from nothing: the antique looms had to be restored by hand, and the master artisans had to be taught to use them; then it was necessary to open a few locations to sell the product… This is how the store, were we found this gorgeous fabric, in Rome began. 

Toss Pillows are made with 100% Italian Silk 

Available in 14" x 14" 

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