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March 14, 2023 1 min read

We are excited to Introduce Timothy De Clue's official exclusive Christmas ornament collection.  This collection is hand crafted in Europe, Poland and Germany to be exact. Using Small Family owned businesses to help create this beautiful collection.

Who Is Timothy De Clue?

A home decor designer located in the great PNW, Seattle to be specific. His strong sense of design is driven by his PNW surroundings and travels to Europe.  His designs take clue from his ever-expanding vintage ornament collection using colors, shapes and textures as the inspiration. Timothy's strong sense of design has evolved from his humble beginnings, a desire to create endless getaways with designs that create reminiscent memories. He is excited to show the public his newest creations. This collection is made in Europe, Poland and Germany to be exact. Watch for mid-season releases and much more in the coming years, this is just the beginning of something magical. 



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